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Bobcat S850 P0374 Error Code

P0374 Fault Code Meaning :

Crank Sensor Signal Fault

Crank position sensor fault

P0374 Error Code

Crank position sensor fault is the main cause of P0374 error.A significant number of consequences can be suffered due to an overheating engine with code P0374. The problem might be a blown gasket or something related to the fuel tank.

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Tip For S850 Model

There is a control lock sensor in the left console which deactivates the hydraulic control levers (joysticks) and the traction drive system when the control console is raised. The console must be in the locked down position for the hydraulic control levers (joysticks) and traction system to operate.

NOTE: If the control lock sensor does not deactivate the control levers and traction system when console is raised, see your Bobcat S850 dealer for service.

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